Robot Dread & Co Makes Reggae Music History With AI-Powered Debut Album

[Kingston, Jamaica], [May 2nd, 2024] – After a brief musical hiatus, hypermedia producer Lloyd Laing reemerges onto the music scene with a revolutionary project that has redefined the landscape of grassroots music landscape almost overnight.

“Roots Rights & Bass,” the Neo-Rocker’s concept album led by the songwriters collective Robot Dread & Co, is already turning heads and making history with its debut 8-track project.

“This is the first Reggae album to be produced with the assistance of AI in the history of Jamaican music,” stated Laing as he explained the impact of the album in its first week of release.

Written by humans but produced at Skankn Studios with the assistance of its advanced AI-driven production studio, the project was the brainchild of Lloyd Laing, who spearheaded the project from start to finish in collaboration with Jamaican Technology Think Tank Avaris Interactive, and US Based IslandRock Entertainment.

The idea behind the project according to Laing was to build a workable tech-driven business model for independent artists to earn from their craft without having to depend on streaming, specifically Spotify.

The Rockers-themed Album was released and distributed by Robot & Dread Production directly to fans on April 29th with a digital rollout on May 2nd on all platforms except Spotify.

The album sold 47 physical copies in its first week directly from while winning the listening ear of over 300 new fans, and gaining the nod and approval from some of Jamaican music’s most respected producers and artists alike.

Having previously captivated audiences in the past with grassroots cult classic productions such as Courtney John’s “Made In Jamaica”(2009), Nomaddz’s “The Trod,”(2010) and the world-renowned 12-part anthology series Reggaeology(2018), Laing now sets his sights on pushing the boundaries of innovation once more, this time harnessing the power of AI technology to create grassroots musical history once again.

Robot Dread & Co’s “Roots, Rights & Bass” is available as a $3.99 digital download in super definition and on all streaming services except Spotify.


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