Singing Melody - Fragile

Veteran Crooner Singing Melody Covers “Fragile” in New Release

Veteran Jamaican singer, Singing Melody has released his latest song entitled “Fragile.”  The passionate and heartfelt song explores the emotions of a man who shares his inner thoughts with his love interest.

Originally written and performed by Labrinth, Singing Melody has distinguished his rendition by rearranging the song for his international listening audience.  Incorporating a Reggae one-drop flavor, Melody relates a man’s feelings which dismisses the tough exterior and replaces it with the sensitive and sometimes vulnerable place men can be, aligning with the trend of expressing deeper emotions and experiences in music

“We are at a time where we share much information, so with my experience in life I have to share information about matters of the heart.  Men have deeper-than-surface feelings which needs to be expressed.  “Fragile” is another of those opportunities for expression.”

As he prepares for his forthcoming album, Singing Melody says “this release serves as a glimpse into what my fans can expect.”  Fans of reggae and those who appreciate soulful, introspective lyrics will likely find “Fragile” to be a compelling addition to Singing Melody’s discography.

Singing Melody is known to bring rich experience and perspective to the forefront of his music.  His catalog, which includes songs “Say What,” “Caliente” and “Prove It To Me” provides mature and thoughtful lyrics on love and relationships. Melody is also a member of the 4-piece group L.U.S.T. comprising of Lukie D, Thriller U and Tony Curtis.

Singing Melody – Fragile

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